Cream Five Ways

by Hamilton Nolan

A vintage bottle cap printed in raspberry red and forest green on thick cream paper reads, "DEWAR'S DAIRY Pasteurized CREAM, ST. GEORGE, N.B. 6 1/2 OZ. OR OVER"
Public domain via Flickr

How does a chef create a new recipe? I’m not sure, but I bet it’s like a seed taking root and growing a beautiful new tree. In this case, the seed is the idea, and the tree is the recipe itself. At least that’s how I do it. And I’m not even a chef! 

Until now.

What is the best tasting ingredient? Most people would say “cream.” Across the world, people love cream for its delicious, creamy taste. Here in America is no exception. But can we say we are truly on the forefront of cream-based recipes, when you consider the fact that panna cotta is Italian? That was just one of the thoughts swirling through my mind–when inspiration struck. 

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