Depths of Wikipedia

Clipart of one of those HELLO MY NAME IS sticker-badges  you are supposed to wear for awkward social/business interactions and I put a chunk of a screenshot of a thing I was reading about a "brainless amoeba," so the visual effect is a name badge that reads "HELLO MY NAME IS BRAINLESS AMEOBA."
If you’re not a FLAMING HYDRA what are you?

MY NAME IS Joe MacLeod and I type a weekly column called MR WRONG over on Indignity, which is a Substack, and I know, I know, we’re working on it, I swear. My column was on POPULA for a minute, also, just saying. I will, I think, not be providing any MR WRONG columns in this space, which might be a plus for you! But also I might! No offense! That’s the beauty of being here at this Flaming Hydra thing, errbody who writes stuff here can write what they want.

For example! In one issue of Flaming Hydra, David Roth went to the Desert, and he didn’t even have a Horse with No Name, but there were still plants and birds and rocks and things. OK, maybe not, but definitely rocks. Then, I discovered my new favorite Music Reviewer, Kim Kelly’s Riff Wrecks, and I still think a lotta this music sounds like Cookie Monster on meth on lead vocals, but I don’t care because it’s so much fun to read! Finally, a COMIC by Trevor Alixopulos, confirming everything you always thought if you ever lived in a Building that has a Super. One issue! Three people doing what they want!

It’s a paywall, but a small one

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