DoorDash Discourse

A doorstep, the door open, and bare feet visible. On the doormat, a paper delivery bag and a large plastic drink cup
Image: Reddit

by Miles Klee

The United States is now a nation of hyperconvenience so inequitable and so ritualized it provokes collective revulsion, both with our luxuries and with the servitude necessary to obtain them. For all that on-demand delivery culture is thought to make our purchases more private—you don’t have to lay your junk food on a checkout conveyor belt for the cashier and a stranger behind you to scrutinize—there is, in fact, nowhere to hide from one another, no way to mask our embarrassing habits of consumption. It also turns out that there is no way of “winning” the war of capitalist morals in this fraught economy; every option is equally humiliating.

Tweet alongside an image of an incredulous Robert DeNiro: You’re laughing? There’s been a multi-day, completely deranged, online discourse about DoorDash and you’re laughing?
Screenshot: Twitter

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