“Get them for the things that they deserve to be gotten for.”

by Maria Bustillos

Detail from 2009 news clip of Vice President Joe Biden reporting on government guidance on H1N1 flu
Screenshot: YouTube

Jonathan M. Katz wandered onto the internet and started noticing things again, so I phoned him up for a chat.

Maria Bustillos: Hey. Well, I think it’s appropriate that we start by saying that everything is incredibly fucked.

Jonathan M. Katz: Yeah, things aren’t great, honestly, in the world. For me personally, I think they’re all right. But for the world, it’s not a great world right now.

It is so not.

[long pause.]

But one great thing happened, which is I noticed you saying, again, what everyone else should have obviously seen, which is: Biden said something like, “When I was handling the pandemic, when I was vice president” and all these lunatics started shrieking, “He’s senile!” And you’re like,

Right. Although today I was just looking, and now they’ve edited the transcript to say that he meant to say, “recession.”

Yeah, the original draft said “pandemic,” but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone had read that and thought, Oh boy they’re going to think he means Covid, we better change that.

It’s a little unclear. This is the thing about Biden. His reputation for his entire career was as, a “gaffe machine.” That was how people referred to him.

For decades.

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