Shirley Jackson stays solid / Iowa caucuses fade away

A pleasurably rough, colorful illustration of a bespectacled Shirley Jackson in a plaid blouse on a warm gold and red background
Illustration: Carrie Frye

Today: Carrie Frye, writer, book editor, and former managing editor at The Awl; and Shirley Wang, writer, radio journalist and managing editor at The Brick House.

Issue No. 14

The Shirley Journals
Carrie Frye

It's Been a Lonely Winter for the Iowa Caucuses
Shirley Wang

The Shirley Journals

by Carrie Frye

Image of a hand holding a dark-gray stone. Cheerful sun and grass surround it.   The panel reads: “We read ‘The Lottery’ in junior high.”
An image of three girls in gym shorts looming over another girl who is on her knees. “It isn’t fair, it isn’t right!” she exclaims.  The panel reads: “It had its resonances.”
 “When “The Lottery” was published in the New Yorker in 1948, the magazine received hundreds of letters—“the most mail the magazine had ever received for a work of fiction.”
Two figures stand in a vista of mountains. One says, “It was ‘The Cat Person’ of 1948.” The other responds: “?”

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