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A brightly colored illustration of a grouchy girl in a golden crown
Illustrations by Carrie Frye

Today:  Carrie Frye, writer and book editor at Black Cardigan Edit; and Episode 4 of the Flaming Hydra Round Table podcast, with Maria Bustillos in conversation with Hydra contributors Ben Ehrenreich, k.e. harloe, Anna Merlan, Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún, and Shirley Wang.

Issue No. 40

The Shirley Journals 2
Carrie Frye

The Shirley Journals 2

by Carrie Frye

Read the first installment of the series here.

The caption reads: A proposal for a new teenage archetype: the displaced duchess. An awkward shambles outwardly.   The image shows a school picture of a  teen girl, white with long brown hair and wearing a Germs t-shirt and a duchess tiara. The picture is enclosed in an elaborate frame.
Reads: Inwardly, possesses no academic genius, or athleticism, or special kindness, or (as yet) any marked artistic skill. Not gifted or talented. Not a prodigy.
Reads: Is nonetheless imperious in manner, even with friends. Burns with a fiery knowledge that somewhere there’s a place where she matches up. Where people are interesting and see that she is interesting—and is pissed in the meantime.    The image shows the faces of two teen girls. The one in the duchess tiara is engaged in “*broody scheming, like Napoleon on Elba, about how I will make the cheerleading squad, secure the love of M— H—-------, and regain my power in France.”    The second girl says: “Sure.”

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