Tax delinquency / Pirate scavenging

Drawing of a dismayed gentleman in shirtsleeves and a loosened tie, reading an evidently appalling missive
Illustration by Emily Flake

Today: Emily Flake, cartoonist, writer, performer, illustrator, and proprietress of St. Nell’s Humor Writing Residency for Ladies in Williamsport, PA; and Miles Klee, author of the novel Ivyland, and culture writer at Rolling Stone, where he covers the weirder parts of the internet.

Issue No. 59

A Letter From the IRS
Emily Flake

Finger In Mouth
Miles Klee

A Letter From the IRS

by Emily Flake

Dear Ms. Flake,

In response to your recent letter requesting leniency with regards to your delay in filing, we feel compelled to point out the following:

1. There exists a mechanism for late filers, known as an extension. Your awareness of this mechanism has been made clear by your numerous tweets to the effect of “not gonna have my shit together to file an extension even lol (meltface emoji)”.

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