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TV SCREEN: FOX WEATHER ALERT FOX WEATHER LIVE, glowing red and yellow with red rays emanating pure panic
It’s never not ALERT in the FOX Weather bunker

Today: Joe MacLeod, Creative Director at INDIGNITY and author of the column MR. WRONG; and Brian Hioe, Taipei-based editor, translator, activist, DJ, and co-founder of New Bloom.

Issue No. 69

The Extreme Terror of FOX Weather
Joe MacLeod

My Lonesome Enemy
Brian Hioe

The Extreme Terror of FOX Weather

by Joe MacLeod

I GOT ANOTHER streaming-teevee free channel, called TUBI, which I am going to theorize is a play on “Boob Tube,” the mostly-anachronistic term for a television receiver, on account of it used to have fragile and costly cathode-ray tubes to show you the picture signal, and also, a receiver of Television, as in who’s watching, right? So I think their slogo should be YOU BE TUBI, BOOBIE, or ET TUBI?

Bright blue startup screen for TUBI which reads "tubi" in greenish-yellow letters and there's no dit over the lowercase "i" but there's a dot on the right-hand crossmember of the lowercase "t" and I don't get it but it's a legit logo

Anyway, they have the FOX WEATHER channel, which I had never seen, and holy wow, it is End Times! EXTREME! DEADLY!

It must be a blast to write the Chyrons for this channel
Image of tornado devastation in Elkhorn, NE, with Chyron: COUPLE RECOUNTS TERROR AFTER TORNADO DESTROYS HOME

I’ve only watched it a few times, and it makes me nervous. All their weather is bad weather! Today when I went to post this article, I clicked the TV on and here’s the first image:

It’s a paywall, but a small one

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