Baby's first swear / Smoke over Splitsville

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Today: Jonathan M. Katz, author of Gangsters of Capitalism, and The Racket newsletter; and Miles Klee, author of the novel Ivyland, and culture writer at Rolling Stone, where he covers the weirder parts of the internet.

Issue No. 9

My oldest kid keeps saying "fuck."
Jonathan M. Katz

Twin Flames
Fiction by Miles Klee

My Oldest kid keeps saying "fuck."

She's three and a half.

by Jonathan M. Katz

“Phi and fuck rhyme, daddy,” my daughter said one night, apropos of seemingly nothing, after getting out of the bath. (Phi is one of her cousins’ names.)

This is common, I tried to reassure myself. Toddlers always repeat what they hear. 

“Where did you hear that word, sweetie?”

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