Pinkerton 2

The fantasy cover of the fantasty 'Pinkerton 2,' with a giant transparent Marshall amp overlooking a 19th-century ukiyo-e woodcut village scene at night, with hills and stars glittering in a black sky
Illustration: Tyler Littwin

by Luke O'Neil

Those of you unfortunate enough to still be following me on social media will know that when I’m not preoccupied by telling the media to go fuck their mothers 19 hours a day, I tend to, let’s call it… hyperfixate on bands. Oddly this usually starts right around 5:01 pm on weeknights and goes downhill from there with every subsequently emptied cup of posting juice. Sometimes this results in beautiful things, like the Top 5 songs series I’ve been doing on Welcome to Hell World with an absolutely stacked lineup of other writers and musicians where we get to share our love for acts like David Berman, Jason Molina, The Cure, Elliott Smith, R.E.M., and, the subject of our concern today, Weezer

More often than not those nights just resolve down to me listening to and posting about The Blue Album

It’s Weezer that I always come back to. Not just in terms of posting, but in my life, stretching all the way back—Jesus, this can’t be true—thirty years since the release of The Blue Album, a perfect record and among my favorites of all time, a 10 out of 10. 

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