Jim Cooke's Sketch Book: No. 1

Art without a story
A mind-bendingly complex image of a person wearing some sort of environment suit dwarfed by the gigantor machine they are working on, a fraction of which seems to be in the image, hinting at indescribable vastness, consisting of tubes and wires and bolts and buttons and levers and belts and switches and labyrinthian masses of interwoven wiring snaking through what appears to be a monstrously enormous robotic hand, with puffy clouds in the distant background as if this Brobdingnagian contraption is aloft in the sky.
Untitled No. 1 [giant machine]

I make a lot of editorial art in the course of my day. Editors send me their drafts and I come up with visual concepts for them—utilizing all of the various softwares and hardwares and tools of technology to make art that helps tell stories for writers smarter than me.

More and more, however, that same technology also feels like a looming threat.

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