Taiwan's Students Are Back On the Streets

by Brian Hioe

A large night protest during the Bluebird Movement last month in Taipei shows a large crowd assembled outdoors before a big screen
Image: Brian Hioe

I don’t believe that anything ever ends. Of the the three major student movements in Taiwan in the last thirty years—the Sunflower Movement in 2014, the Wild Strawberry Movement in 2008, and the Wild Lily Movement in 1990—none has ended. But things can begin.

In the past two weeks, Taiwan just saw what was termed the “Bluebird Movement,” a series of protests against an attempt by the KMT—Taiwan’s former authoritarian party and the pro-China party in Taiwanese politics—to expand government powers, possibly threatening political freedoms and civil society groups. 

May 17, 2024: Tempers flare. A brawl in the Taiwanese legislature during the vote, about a dozen legislators violently pushing and shoving one another
May 17, 2024: A shoving match breaks out in the Taiwanese Legislature (CNA photo via Focus Taiwan)

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