Talking to Animals, Vol. I: The Donkey

by A.J. Daulerio

The handsome forehead and ears of a donkey, against a blue sky lightly dusted with clouds
Image: Superbass [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia Commons

This is a monthly interview series where I, a human trying to be more human, have conversations with other humans who consider themselves other things besides human. Today: The Donkey.

Tell me your story and why I'm asking you questions today.

I am a donkey, and I cannot change that. This is a kink, but it is also more than a kink if you're someone who changes. The best way I heard it described, came from a message board I frequent where someone was discussing how at 19-years-old they were grappling with never being a werewolf. “It wasn't possible, but it felt like it should be.”

And I have been this way for as long as I can remember. I was this way before I knew what “being turned on” felt like or how to touch myself. I latched onto Pinnochio (the Disney version from 1940, but I have probably seen every version of Pinnochio there is to see, and many of the children's books), which is why I am a donkey. Some folks have a few species, some like all transformation, and some are one species and then become another suddenly. 

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