Talking to Animals, Vol. II: The Unicorn

by A.J. Daulerio

A thoughtful unicorn peers coquettishly over the lower edge of the image
steve p2008 [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr

This is a monthly interview series where I, a human trying to be more human, have conversations with other humans who consider themselves other things besides humans. Today: The Unicorn.

Tell me your story and the type of questions I should ask you today. 

I suppose that has to depend on the tone you want to strike.

I’m not sure I fit the typical Therian* mold. Do you want the perspective of someone who has analyzed this to death over the course of about four decades? And despite that, the perspective of someone without much self-certainty? I feel like the Therian folk I sometimes interact with are just so much more sure of themselves than I am. I also know I won’t represent them well.

Even if you ask me what’s “really” going on with me, you’re liable to get very different answers on different days.

On some days, I’m a unicorn.

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