The Parasite Kills the Host

by Maria Bustillos

Google chief Sundar Pichai is dwarfed by a massive white screen reading I/O in gradient rainbow colors, grafitti'd to read "It's OVER!!"
Image: Google / Maria Bustillos

Tech journalists, addled from years of reporting on the worst businesspeople ever to live, do not understand Google’s plan to incorporate generative AI into its search engine and other products. At their annual I/O conference on Tuesday, Google executives promised that the new, AI-powered Google search results will return more than just a list of sources for the information you seek; AI-Google will now decide, for itself, what you were looking for, compose its own response, and serve that up as your answer.

“Let Google do the Googling for you,” the company brayed.

The correct answer to this suggestion is “No, and fuck you,” but tech critic Casey Newton chose to describe the slogan as “elegant.” “It’s a phrase that identifies browsing the web... as a chore, something better left to a bot,” he added.

“Browsing the web” is a pallid and misleading way to describe “human connection,” which is what the internet was made for. It’s not “entertaining” to “browse the web,” it’s the living embodiment and evolution of global culture. These people at Google are actively congratulating themselves for taking all the discovery and fun out of investigating things for yourself, out of imagining new avenues of inquiry—out of learning itself.

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