To the Man In a Yarmulke

at the 'One Love' movie
From the film 'One Love', Bob Marley in the spotlight, one arm raised, performing with the Wailers on a darkened stage
Screenshot: YouTube

by Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún

I've wondered often about the physical representation of faith in the United States. A hijabi on the streets of Minneapolis, a priest on the bus, a Sikh at the Mall of America, a nun in Times Square, someone in a burqa at the airport. There has never been one instance where the sight hasn't moved me to contemplate the strength it must require—where the action is voluntary—to take the risk of public identification. Do they fear, welcome, enjoy the conversations or stares it invites? Is it like a striking tattoo on a prominent body part, a challenge to prejudice? 

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